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Endovet treats and controls:

  • parasitism caused by nematodes
  • tapeworms
  • roundworm
  • hookworms
  • whipworms

The mechanism of action of ivermectin is completely different from other wormers, and involves a chemical that serves as a signal from one nerve cell to another, or from one nerve cell to a muscle cell (GABA) gamma-amino-butyric acid . In nematodes and arthropods ivermectin stimulates the release of GABA from a nerve ending and enhances binding of GABA receptors in special nerve synapses, the nerve impulse is disrupted and paralyzes the parasite, which eventually dies. Since mammals used as main neurotransmitter acetylcholine, ivermectin does not affect the treated animals, since no brain barrier and therefore do not affect the CNS GABA receptors.

The mechanism of action of praziquantel is in many ways, affecting the motility as the proper functioning of organs sucking cestodes, by inducing the paralysis of the parasites, by loss of calcium and glucose.

Praziquantel is a drug that has an extremely high activity against all species of tapeworms (adult and juvenile), also has good potential activity against the larval forms.

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Per Tablet

Ivermectin 2mg
Praziquantel 50mg




Directions For Use
Dogs 1 tablet per 10kg
Cats 1/2 tablet per 5kg



There are breeds of dogs that do not tolerate ivermectin and, at higher than recommended doses can present problems of tolerance more or less severe. Therefore the dosage should be done as accurately as possible. This is especially Collies and upcoming races, which have a mutation (in the MDR-1 gene) that affects the blood-brain barrier that makes certain drugs usually do not enter the brain of mammals. Besides Collies also other races have shown similar problems: Bobtail, Border Collie, Bearded Collie, McNab, Silken Greyhound, Greyhound Whippet, Australian Shepherd, White Swiss Shepherd, Shepherd English Shepherd Shetland, Waller, although not defective mutation it has been confirmed yet in all these races.

Size 4 tabs
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